Red White and Blue Wine Spritzer

Red White and Blue Wine Spritzer

Red, White & Blue Wine Spritzer

The Fourth of July holiday can start early and go late. If you’re not careful, you may find yourself dancing on your neighbors kiddie table at 8 PM. 

We’ve come up with a wine spritzer that’s low in calories and alcohol, but helps keep you hydrated while amping up your vitamin C to fight any ill effects of too much alcohol. Also, the blackberries adds good fiber to your typically low-fiber Fourth of July diet of burgers and 7-layer dip.


Mint Leaves & Water
2-3 Blackberries/ drink (or make a puree ahead of time)
Dry inexpensive white wine (I used Bota Box)
Flavored Soda Water - I prefer La Croix's orange, but lemon or lime will do
Large ice cubes


1) Throw a handful of mint leaves into a pitcher of water. You can do this the night before or when you wake up that morning.

2) Run around picking up after your kids & throwing stuff into closets.

3) Assemble HaloVino glasses.

4) Mash 2-3 blackberries against the side with the bottom of an ice cream scooper... does anyone actually own a muddler?

Tip: Make sure to "muddle" completely. Any un-muddled berries float to top. Still tastes good, but the red, white and blue "stripes" aren't so defined.

5) Top 1 oz of blackberry puree with inexpensive white wine to the 5 oz line.

6) Add mint-infused water (not the mint) until just above halo (8 oz line)

7) Drop in 3-4 large white ice cubes.

8) Finish off with a couple splashes of flavored soda water.

Tip: I have a sweet tooth and this refreshing wine spritzer is sweet enough for me, but if you want it sweeter without the calories, sprinkle a touch of stevia or a little agave syrup.

4 oz of 12% alcohol | 75-85 Calories

Suggested food pairing: Beet salad with watermelon and feta

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