Calling All Food & Beverage Managers!

What do the Brewers, Miami Heat and The Milwaukee Repertory Theater all have in common? They all use HaloVino® to serve wine to their guests instead of conventional plastic wine glasses.


HaloVino® not only enhances the wine drinking experience for the consumer but it has been proven to bump up wine sales by at least 20%. This not increases wine revenue, but also wine profit!

HaloVino’s patented measurement lines also ensure fair and accurate pours - even during a rush! What does this mean for you?

  • HaloVino’s stackable design creates more opportunities to increase wine sales by 20%+
  • Superior cost control, saving 15%+
  • Increase checkout total by 40%
  • Patented design leads to less mess and better tasting wine without having to upgrade wine selections
  • Less waste with reusable, highly durable design


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