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Built for Fun!

America's Go-To Wine Glass for Stadiums and Concerts.

Designed For Wine

The wine glass that goes where you go

Built for Fun

Take HaloVino everywhere you drink wine!

Floats in Pools!

HaloVino loves a good swim

The Perfect Wine for Your Mom

With Mother's Day just around the corner, use this video as inspiration for the perfect gift for the mother in your life (with HaloVino, of course).


"HaloVino are the perfect companion to wine on-the-go! Not only do they stack for compact storage, they are highly durable and functional. The measurement lines ensure fair and accurate pours, the shape provides pronounced and accurate aromatics, and the "halo" even offers better grip for making sure you don't fumble your plastic wine glasses while tailgating or enjoying wine outdoors! HaloVino glasses even fit perfectly in pontoon boat cupholders, making them a favorite for my customers that like to enjoy wine on the lake!"

– JACLYN STUART, owner of Vintage Elkhart Lake, co-author of The Complete Idiot’s Guide® to Wine and Food Pairing, and a certified sommelier

"Spilling wine in a concert hall? What a disaster that would be! These ingeniously designed plastic wine glasses saved the day and their dishwasher safe modular design allowed for easy storage. The result: not one spill amongst the 320 attendees – even as the evening progressed from wine to wine. Thank you HaloVino!”

– JOHN KIESER, Provost at New World Symphony in Miami, Florida.

"Halovino has been great for us! We started using Halovino last season on our club level. The fans gave great feedback on the overall feel of these plastic wine glasses and how it enhanced the taste of the wine. We will be expanding our usage this season!​"

– ANDREW POLLARD, Former Food and Beverage Manager at Miller Park, MLB Stadium for Milwaukee Brewers

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