HaloVino Best Practices & FAQs

Watch the HaloVino Tips & Tricks video or check out the FAQ's we've outlined for you to fully enjoy your new HaloVino

HaloVino® Inventor: "Get Your Snap On!"

HaloVino® is not complicated, just new (and so much fun)! Inventor and HaloVino's Chief Wine Drinker, Jessica Bell, shares some of her insider tips in this 2 minute video on how to assemble (and disassemble) HaloVino® all-purpose wine glasses.



What the Halo?

The Halo acts like the stem on a stemless wine glass (Huh? did you follow that?). Stemless wine cups are great for dynamic non-glass settings and dishwashers because they are less vulnerable to tipping and breakage, but the stem on traditional glasses allows you to hold your glass without cupping the bowl with your warm hand. We’ve heard customers refer to the Halo around the center of HaloVino® as “a rounded stem on a deconstructed wine glass” or “grip strip” because its unique patented wine glass design allows you to hold the glass without cupping it. Now, your hand doesn’t heat up your wine and your hand doesn’t get wet! Oh, and the Halo is formed when the top and bottom pieces seal to make the leak-proof seal you know and love. And we would be remiss to not point out the Halo makes the glass float in pools and fit snugly in cupholders.

How does HaloVino® make wine taste better?

HaloVino®’s narrow rim and a wide body mimics a traditional glass wine glass. This unique geometry traps airborne aromas and funnels them to your nose! Your wine tastes the way the wine maker intended!

Why is HaloVino® 2 parts?

We believe you should take your wine everywhere, and yet space isn’t always abundant in some of the funnest places, like concerts, camping, and boating! HaloVino®'s unique patented 2-piece wine glass design allows you to throw it in your purse, fanny pack, or manbag without occupying too much space. After all, you have to fit wine in there too!


How is HaloVino® Eco-Conscious?

HaloVino® is the ONLY shatterproof wine glass at this low price point that is 100% DISHWASHER SAFE! We hope you will not only recycle, but more importantly REUSE HaloVino® over and over and over… you get the picture! If you want to learn more about HaloVino® ’s commitment to cut down on single-use plastic cups and our other eco-conscious initiatives, visit our MORE WINE, LESS WASTE page.

Is HaloVino® REALLY dishwasher safe?

Yes! They really are. We recommend washing them disassembled for best results. No “top-rack only” language here at HaloVino®, like our competitors use, which we learned is really speak for Eh-We’re-Not-Really-Dishwasher-Safe wine glasses

What kind of material is used to make HaloVino® ? Is it BPA-free?

HaloVino® is made from POLYPROPYLENE, #5. This resin is the same one used for baby bottles and is 100% BPA-free, BPS-free, lead-free, and phthalate-free. Our competitors use a shinier resin (PET, #1), but many informational sites suggest avoiding PET in favor of PP. At HaloVino®, we strive to feel amazing about the solutions we offer, so we’ve decided on a resin that is better for YOU! Also, PP#5 has the unique ability to be very light, but also very sturdy making it light to carry, but extremely firm to hold.

Is HaloVino® Recyclable?

Yes. HaloVino® is recyclable. Each municipality has different rules as to what kind of plastic they recycle, but PP#5 is the same used in most food and yogurt containers, especially microwave-safe ones, because of its stability, as compared to other food-grade safe resins.


Is HaloVino® Recyclable?

There are so many ways to do it. Here’s one: put thumbs on the bottom, put your fingers around the halo, and you just snap it on. If you need a visual, check out the video above at 0:45 point.

Can I fill HaloVino® to the top?

Yes! Just like a hot cup of coffee, make sure the seal is complete before diving in, but as long it’s sealed, you can fill HaloVino® all the way to the top! Just be careful, these little guys aren’t so little! One Halovino® can hold a half bottle of wine (12 ounces). Now that’s a tall pour!

Can I use HaloVino® for hot beverages?

Yes! HaloVino® is BPA-free, BPS-free, lead-free, and phthalate-free. It is safe to use HaloVino® for hot beverages under 100 degrees.

Do the lines on HaloVino® indicate measurements?

Yes! Each line represents one fluid ounce, starting with 1-6 on the bottom and 9-12 on the top. These ounce lines make sure there is enough wine to go around, because no one wants a short pour.

How many times can I dishwasher HaloVino®?

As many times as you want! At HaloVino® HQ, we look for any excuse to break open a bottle of wine. Our plastic wine glasses are constantly in the dishwasher, and we haven’t had one break down yet. We recommend disassembling HaloVino® before dish washing and storage to extend life of the seal.

How do you disassemble HaloVino®?

When you’ve finished your vino, reach inside the wine glass cup and feel for a notch just under the halo. Pull UP on this notch, and it should come apart with ease. It’s like riding a bike. Once you get it, you
never forget it.


Does HaloVino® really float in pools?

Yep. As long as it is filled between the 2-7 oz line, it will float in pools. Who puts down their glass with only 2 ounces of wine anyways?

Can I use HaloVino for beer and cocktails?