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Testimonials of Customers Using Faire

I was skeptical when you offered it at no charge then the link made me put in a credit card number, I do have to say. Decided to take the gamble that is would not lock me into a zillion glasses or dollars… We offer picnics out of our Inn with several of our packages and I thought the cups would be great for those. I am pleased that one of us responded to you from the area!
- Sherri Fenton, managing owner, Black Star Farms

During these most challenging times we had to figure out how to adapt to the new normal and for the time being, eliminate our glass service of wines. I was told about HaloVino and it seemed to be the best solution and a perfect fit for our new way of doing business.
- Heather Smith, Simon Creek Winery

I was very pleased as the process was very easy and although I was skeptical that there were hidden fees or extra costs involved (with ordering through Faire), there were none. I am happy to have (HaloVino) products for sale here at the winery and my customers like the Halo Vino product and the price point, sales have been great. (With $100 credit on Faire,) we received (a) free case of the HaloVino glasses. Thanks for the deal and I look forward to working with you in the future. 
- Don Thompson, Captains Walk Winery Manager