Date Night During Quarantine

Date Night During Quarantine

With everything going on, it can be difficult to muster up the creative juices to figure out how to celebrate holidays like Valentines Day or Galentines Day… BUT, this year we need LOVE more than ever... sooooo we decided to do the heavy lifting for you this holiday!

We popped some bottles and brainstormed, social-distanced, of course, to come up with some creative, yet easy ideas how you can SAFELY celebrate your love this year. Whether you’re spending Valentine’s day with your spouse or just the girls, it turns out that you can still make date nights FUN and SAFE

Sip & Craft

Apple Drawing

Wine & Art go together like Wine & Cheese! Book a live art class at the remarkable The Art Studio NY. You can gift it or, even better, you can DO IT TOGETHER over the Valentine’s Day weekend. They are offering online LIVE sessions for students with any level of art experience that weekend or on an ongoing basis.

And if you think you are not an artist, take a look at the drawing our founder, Jessica Bell, did just last week after just one class.  Jessica hasn't taken an art class since Middle School AND would've been voted least likely to become an artist, had that been a thing, but she agreed to check out these classes with her dad as a part of the research for this blog. To her amazement, her drawing actually looks like an apple! Better yet, she said it was such a  fun way to spend time with her Dad, and a great escape from this crazy, crazy world!

And don’t forget a bottle of wine! We recommend some delicious art-inspired wines to complete the theme. All of the following wines have a special focus on art, whether it is their art-inspired label or their a special art collection at their winery. Jessica has either visited these wineries or has a special connection to each one, and can assure you are the perfect pairing for an art & wine date night!

Night AT the Movies?!? Yes, you can!

HaloVino Tote

Did you know YOU can rent out a movie theatre?  Many theatres are renting out their space to avid movie goers for surprisingly reasonable prices! Call your local theatre to see if this is an option for your romantic valentines day date. Most allow you to bring in your own wine. Grab a bottle of wine and your stackable wine glasses from HaloVino to make wine taste great, and escape to a time when going to the movies wasn’t such a “production”! 

Travel the World

Wine in Spain

Where do you want to go? Was a recent trip cancelled or put on hold? Grab a couple bottles of wine from that state or country... or maybe one you've always wanted to visit! Get comfy on the couch with your wine, an ipad and your travel buddy. You can travel the world from your couch as you sip on the wines for inspiration, and make plans for future travel… real or imagined! Once you're ready to travel again, your trip will be all planned for you. We all need a little hope on the horizon, and a trip is the perfect mental escape for us during these challenging times.

We love using our shatterproof wine glasses from HaloVino when we are lounging on the couch, drinking wine. Those top heavy, glass wine glasses are such a liability. To help you plan and enjoy your wine in style, check out our Valentine's Day specials below!

If drinking wine on the couch is more your thing than planning a trip, Jessica will be leading a small group through Spanish wine country in May 2022. You can leave the planning to her! They will visit the best, and most exclusive wineries, and dine at the country’s most notable restaurants. After 2 years living there, and guiding trips there for a decade, Jessica knows how to show her guest a good time in Spain! Salud! Interested? Email jessica.bell at

To help you set the mood & complete the theme for your Valentine's or Galentine's Day wine date, we are offering two Valentine's Day specials for a limited time…

We hope the ideas above inspire some ideas of your own. Whatever you decide to do, don’t forget the wine… and your HaloVino in its reusable, washable canvas tote. Perfect for enjoying wine on-the-go in a sustainable manner! 

We've pulled together a special LOVE DAY six-pack with two of of our favorite logo'd stackable wine glasses from our wedding pack: DRUNK IN LOVE and WINE IS PATIENT, WINE IS KIND (see images below). Just add the WEDDING 6-pack to your cart and enter Code: TotesinLove to get the limited edition Valentine's Day 6-pack with just the 2 logos pictured delivered to you with a FREE reusable, canvas tote ($6 value!)OR enter code LOVEDAY20 for 20% off your entire order

 Limited Edition Valentine's Day GlassLimited Edition Valentine's Day Glass

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