Inventor, Founder & Chief Wine Drinker: Jessica Bell

Inventor, Founder & Chief Wine Drinker: Jessica Bell

Jessica Bell knows her wine. She’s not only made a career of educating wine lovers, but she’s even invented HaloVino, the world’s first shatterproof, stackable, stemless wine glass that’s also dishwasher safe. She’s convinced that wine drinkers can enjoy wine while minimizing their impact on the environment.

A former investment banker, Jessica made a bold move to Spain to work at a Spanish winery. After two years, she returned to New York City to study wine at its highest levels and become a sommelier at one of New York’s premier restaurants. She went on to found a wine school in Chicago and Milwaukee, becoming an internationally-respected wine educator. She has served as France’s Armagnac Ambassador, USAID’s wine education liaison to the Republic of Georgia and Napa Valley Vintner’s scholarship recipient, among other noteworthy accolades.

Jessica can also be found on radio and TV as a regular wine contributor. She has been host of the Emmy award winning food show, Wisconsin Foodie, for a decade, and is excited to continue her role as co-host on the show this year.

Over the past few years, Jessica has poured her heart, soul and countless bottles of wine into her HaloVino glasses, and it’s been well worth it. Launched in 2016 with over 250,000 glasses sold, consumers can find HaloVino in over 200 retail stores nationwide and at the country's most innovative stadiums, arenas and theaters. HaloVino has its sights set on more than just glasses. It will also soon be releasing additional products for enjoying wine when glass is not an option.

Jessica's entrepreneurial spirit and strong work ethic have been recognized through various financial awards from state and city economic development initiatives, totaling in excess of $350,000. Jessica was also selected in 2018 to participate in Rent The Runway's Project Entrepreneur PE Intensive in New York City.

Jessica attended Duke University and is now married with two kids. Her favorite hobby guessed it...drinking wine.

To learn more about the team that helps mompreneur, Jessica Belll, build HaloVino, read here.

If you want to follow Jessica's journey building her company, check out HaloVino's instagram account where we post wine basics and wine education posts weekly.

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