Just Because You Are Doing Dry January Doesn’t Mean You Need To Put Away Your HaloVino Plastic Wine Tumblers

The holidays are a great time for splurging on your favorite wines, indulging in your favorite foods and sweets, and celebrating the year-end with friends and family. As the year comes to a close though, the excess alcohol and large consumptions of food may have you feeling a little bogged down. As your pants get tighter, your holiday spirit starts to dwindle, and the New Year approaches, you may be encouraged to start eating healthier, working out, and cutting back on your alcohol consumption.

Since 2013, many individuals have actually started participating in the Dry January campaign — a 31-day break from alcohol aimed at improving overall health. Some commit to Dry January to detox from their alcohol consumption since Thanksgiving and others look at the New Year as the perfect time to make a lifestyle change and start reducing their alcohol consumption. No matter your reason for parting ways with alcohol for while, Dry January offers some great health benefits.

Dry January Benefits

Enhanced Mood

If you suffer from depression or anxiety, alcohol can actually make your symptoms worse.

Weight Loss

Alcoholic beverages are filled with empty calories and can increase your appetite. When you cut the calories and don’t partake in alcohol-induced eating, you may notice your waistline begin to shrink.

Reduced Bloating

Due to the fact that alcohol is an inflammatory substance, it may cause swelling in the body. Alcohol also leads to dehydration, which may also cause puffiness.

Better Sleep

Do you ever wake up feeling groggy after a night of drinking? Alcohol negatively affects sleep quality and prevents you from REM sleep — the sleep cycle that repairs the body and mind.

Stronger Immune System

Excessive alcohol consumption weakens the immune system. When you participate in Dry January, you may notice you don’t get sick as often.

More Money In The Bank

Let’s face it, alcohol can be expensive. When you participate in Dry January, you can enjoy smaller dinner bills and more cash in the bank.

Going dry? Here are some tips!

Do you long for that glass of wine (or two) after dinner? Is your favorite past time going to happy hour with the friends? Do you want to participate in Dry January, but you just aren’t sure you will be able to make it through the month? HaloVino is here to help.

Just because you aren’t drinking in January doesn’t mean you need to put away your HaloVino plastic wine tumblers. There are many ways that you can stay dry while also staying social and getting the satisfaction of a cold beverage after a long, stressful day. Here are some tips to help you make it through Dry January:

Go Dry With Friends

Everything is easier with friends by your side. If you are worried about being tempted by friends, ask them to join you! This will help you avoid tempting situations where it feels like everyone is drinking except for you, and you can lean on each other for support.

Get Rid Of Your Favorite Drinks

After a long day, your wine fridge and liquor cabinet can seem quite appealing. Especially after you’ve changed into pjs, thrown on your slippers, and put on your favorite Netflix show. Avoid the temptation by getting rid of your favorite alcoholic drinks. Once your favorite drinks are out of the house and you’ve changed into your comfy clothes for the evening, you aren’t going to want to go back out to make a trip to the liquor store.

Get A Gym Membership

Exercise can curb your alcohol cravings! If you are looking for a buzz, consider working out. A good workout triggers the release of dopamine and other feel-good chemicals so you can still get the satisfaction that you would from a few alcoholic drinks in a much healthier way.

Go Shopping

Think of all the money you are saving by not spending $15 per alcoholic beverage at dinner or social events, or splurging on your favorite bottle of wine. Treat yourself to that one thing you’ve been saving for or go on a spontaneous shopping trip with the girls. You deserve it.

Take Out Your HaloVino Plastic Wine Tumblers

Just because you aren’t drinking alcohol doesn’t mean that you still can’t enjoy the aesthetics of drinking. There are many alternatives that still offer the comfort of drinking without the alcohol, such as non-alcoholic wine and sparkling water. Now that your liquor cabinets and wine fridges are cleared out, you will have plenty of room to the fill them with non-alcoholic options. Get comfy, take out your HaloVino plastic wine tumblers, and unwind from your day.

Give Yourself A Break

Sometimes there's just no substitute for alcohol. Perhaps you get a promotion, your best friend gets engaged, or you are invited to a last minute paint and sip. No matter the reason, if there are times throughout January that you would prefer to have a drink, that’s okay. Dry January is about reducing your alcohol consumption and establishing a new relationship with alcohol — not just restricting yourself from your favorite drinks.

Dry January can be great for your overall health and re-establishing your relationship with alcohol, but it doesn’t come without its challenges. Make the process easier by sipping on your favorite brands of non-alcoholic wine or beverages with HaloVino plastic wine tumblers. Enjoy a great taste and easy, on-the-go capabilities. Shop plastic wine tumblers today and reap the benefits of our unique patented wine glass design.

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