Our Guide to Gift Guides for Wine Lovers

Our Guide to Gift Guides for Wine Lovers

It seems everyone we know has their own gift guide.  We figure, why do it when our friends are already doing it SO well? Instead of writing our own, we found great gifts from some of our favorite sites!  Here are 4 of our favorite guides for wine lovers.

Reverse Wine Snob

First, you must check out ReverseWineSnob.com. Jon Thorsen, author and founder of Reverse Wine Snob, takes the idea of a wine enthusiast being pretentious and turns it upside down. He won’t review any wines greater than $20!  His “Best of Lists” provide easy access when you’re in a rush, but need to grab that perfect bottle – it’s my go-to site when running into Trader Joe’s or Costco.  Our favorite item from their gift guide (after buying the perfect bottle of wine), are funny yet practical socks making sure anyone knows that if they can read the bottom of your feet they need to bring you a glass of wine!

Wine Folly

Next, we adore Wine Folly, co-founded by a fellow female entrepreneur, Madeline Puckette. Get it, girl! Wine Folly distills the tomes of wine facts down to easy-to-read, fun graphics and colorful maps, making wine so much more understandable, and dare I say, simple? This year’s gift guide includes a really cool neoprene wine sack. This sack will keep the heat out and protect your bottle of wine on the go.  When delivering your next hostess gift, leave the disposable grocery bags at home and arrive with this unique tote. Fill it with wine from Reverse Wine Snob Best of Lists, leaving enough money to tack on HaloVino’s Holiday Edition glasses!

MKE Mom's Blog & Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Two of our favorite things are moms and Milwaukee, so we obviously love MKE Mom’s Blog 2018 Milwaukee Holiday Gift Guide along with the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Wine Inspired Gifts. Both of these gift guides, featured HaloVino (thanks!), along with some other of our top picks. Bird’s Tail Designs, founded by friend, Kristin Burkemper, may not scream “wine” but her bracelets can be infused with essential oils… Hey Kristin, can we infuse ours with Pinot Noir?

Anne Schamberg of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel had me at “Corkscrew”. As a former sommelier in fine dining, I’m a sucker for old-school, high quality corkscrews, and Anne nailed it with this one!


A filled HaloVino wine tumbler next to the six-pack box.If you have wine lovers on your list, make it easy on yourself and choose something from our wine-related gifts. These online wine gifts can be at your door in days. Of course, HaloVino plastic wine tumblers are always a great gift too... Trust me, teachers love them!

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