Wine Happy Hour with Mr. Lid

We invited our Friends at Mr. Lid to share their secrets for a STRESS FREE HAPPY HOUR. 

Mr. Lid is a dishwasher-safe food storage system with a patented attached leak-proof lid. It comes in a variety of sizes and is perfect for summer outings and everyday food storage! This post was written by the Mr.Lid Team - thank you!

Stress Free Patio Happy Hour

As the weather gets warmer and the days get longer gatherings on the patio are a must! Whether it’s a relaxing afternoon or energetic evening party the time to relish in the joy that is summertime is finally here. We believe that summer entertaining should be stress-free and fun so we are sharing a few simple tips for an effortless patio happy hour.  

Our first tip is to get the perfect patio drinkware so you don’t have to stress about broken glass or not having matching glassware for all your guests. Luckily, we found one product that checks both of those boxes and many, many more! Eco-friendly, reusable, affordable and won’t clutter your kitchen cupboards HaloVino is our go-to patio wine glass. Available in 6, 12 or 36 packs they are perfect for any size party. 

You might be asking yourself what is HaloVino? Well --  it is a stemless plastic wine glass that not only makes wine taste great but is also stackable, portable, and dishwasher safe. Finally, a patio-friendly wine glass that allows your wine drinking experience to be the way wine makers intended, but without the drag of broken glass or unnecessary waste. Once you’ve tried a HaloVino wineglass you will never go back. Get a set for yourself here.


Step number two for the happiest of happy hours is to prepare an easy appetizer that you can make ahead of time. This recipe for antipasto skewers is perfect – grab the ingredients from your local supermarket and make before your guests arrive. Store your skewers in a Mr. Lid deluxe container and toss them in the fridge until party time. 

Easy Appetizer

Setting the mood is our final step to ensure a relaxing patio happy hour party. Keep it low stress by choosing a Pandora playlist and letting the music flow. If you are looking for something mellow but slightly peppier we recommend Hipster Cocktail Party, for a fun throwback party vibe give Yacht Rock a try and if you want to keep things light and casual Cool Jazz is the one. Check out the whole list of summer playlists here.  

Summer is here and with these easy tips you’ll be ready to entertain stress-free. When your guests arrive all you need to do is grab your Mr. Lid container from the fridge, your favorite bottle of wine, HaloVino glasses and head to the patio. Cheers to summer and cheers to you!

HaloVino Cheers


To purchase Mr. Lid plastic containers for all your needs shop here and for HaloVino products shop here


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