Thanksgiving Wines You’ve Never Heard Of… Each Under $20!

I love Thanksgiving, but, let’s be honest, there really isn’t a whole lot of tolerance for improvisation. At even the slightest suggestion of replacing Turkey with Bouillabaisse, you’ll be dining with Fido you know where...

I shake up Thanksgiving each year by bringing wines NO ONE knows. Below are four Turkey-worthy wines I bet you haven’t heard of and/or never tried. Now, these aren’t the craziest wines I have thrown in the ring but they ARE

1) Gobble-worthy,

2) Under $20, and

3) Available close to home

The Whites

Moscofilero - Greece

Who cares that no one can pronounce this one? Everyone loves a good Moscofilero (mos-CO-feel-eh-roe). Why? Because it’s aromatic and fruity, and yet dry and steely. Paradoxical, right? That’s why you should get out there and buy one. Shake up your Thanksgiving a little this year. Trust me, Moscofilero will get people talking. With its white flowers, honeysuckle and lime your overcooked Turkey will do a little dance in your mouth. Here’s the one I’ll be drinking this Thanksgiving!


$13.99, 92 points Wine Advocate

Falanghina - Italy

"Aromas of pears, cooked apples and peaches follow through to a full body, a dense and fruity palate and a fresh finish.” - JS.  Need I say more? This ancient grape from the coast just north of Naples will have you saying “Grazie! Grazie!” instead of “Gobble, Gobble!” Falanghina  pairs seamlessly with the Thanksgiving smorgasboard of herbal flavors and root vegetables. This one is quite the deal!


$16.49, 91 points, James Suckling

The Reds

Touriga Nacional - Portugal

I love Portuguese wines. Period. People always ask me, “where are the deals?”. It’s in Portugal, folks. The vines are old, traditions rich, slopes steep, and yet no one really knows much about these wines. It’s the perfect storm to score complex, dark, ripe and yet earthy and bright red wines at bargain prices. Here’s one I love from Total Wine & More.


$19.99, 93 points, Wine Enthusiast


Barbera - Italy

Northern Italian reds are bright, light and yet, often times serious wines. Barbera is no exception, and can come in many different styles. What they all share is high acid and cherry flavors that’s going to cut through all that fatty and oily goodness. Just tell the table, you’ll take your cranberry sauce in liquid form, and pour yourself a nice big Barbera. Here’s the one I’ll be drinking from Total Wine & More.


$17.99, 91 points, Wine Spectator


Jessica Bell in the kitchen with her HaloVino wine tumbler.We love pairing our stackable wine glasses with the Thanksgiving after-party! These dishwasher safe wine glasses fit perfectly in our purses and are perfect for drinking wine on the couch and watching football! Happy Thanksgiving! Cheers! 

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