Top 3 Reasons You Should Change Your Wine Glass

Top 3 Reasons You Should Change Your Wine Glass

Have you heard? Drinking wine has gotten a whole lot easier... Just replace that plastic cup with HaloVino! That’s right, HaloVino wants everyone to enjoy wine to the fullest, even when glass is not an option -- without having to make any compromises. To explain what we mean, we’ve chosen the top three reasons you’re going to want to make HaloVino your go-to wine glass whenever you’re on-the-go and glass is not an option:

  1. Our glasses make wine tastes better. Ever get to an event when all you want is a nice glass of wine, only to have it serves in a little plastic cup that doesn’t resemble a wine glass whatsoever? You can picture it, right? This was the inspiration for our founder, Jessica Bell, to design HaloVino. Our glass’s narrow rim and wide body make wine taste better by intensifying aromas and tastes, without spills so you can enjoy have your wine and drink it too.
  2. You’ll be helping save the environment. We feel strongly that it’s possible to have fun and save the planet. That’s why our glasses are recyclable, dishwasher-safe and easy to take with you wherever you go.  You may not be able to have glass, but HaloVino is the next best thing. Next time you’re out, tell the bartender you brought your own glass, then flag us on social media, and take it home for reuse. We’d love to see where you #BYOHV !
  3. HaloVino glasses are perfect anywhere! With HaloVino, you can enjoy wine wherever you’re hanging out, even in locations where glass is not an option such as summer concerts, family reunions, sporting events, camping, pool parties, boat rides... You get the picture! Since our glasses are portable, stackable and super lightweight (and yet SO sturdy!), they’re so easy to bring on the go. And we’re making it easier by designing reusable, waterproof totes in cute patterns and styles so you can bring your glass with you in style. Coming soon!

These are just three of the many reasons to make the switch to HaloVino® unbreakable wine glasses today. These dishwasher safe wine glasses are not only perfect for you, but they also make a great hostess, birthday or holiday gift for anyone who might like stackable wine glasses that go where you go! Learn more about HaloVino here!

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