Are you a cheesehead, meathead or hothead?

Wine for All Fans!

Our home team, The Brewers, have made the playoffs (WOO wine and sportsHOO!) and football season is here! Go Pack Go! With that comes tailgating or entertaining on game day with a whole lot of food, drinks and your favorite fans!

We find sports fans typically fall into three categories, and we’ve got the best food and wine pairings to satisfy each group. Here’s the inside scoop on pairing your favorite fans with wine:

There’s 3 Types of Fans!

  • The Cheesehead

The cheesehead arrives at the tailgate with none other than a cheesy dip, a pizza, or both. Cheeseheads love the ooey-gooey savoriness of salt and fat. It’s not a coincidence that you typically find grapes, dried fruits, and jam on cheese platters. The sweet + salty combo pairs perfectly together. Cheesy, salty foods play nicely with fruitier wines  such as Riesling, Merlot, and Australian Shiraz.

  • The Hothead

Hotheads go wild for spicy foods like chili and uber-flaming hot wings. Spicy, fiery foods really arouse our sense of smell and enhance the sweet flavors in wine (crazy, huh!). Ideal wine pairings for hotheads include both white and red wines including New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc, Moscato, or Beaujolais. Score!

  • The Meathead

Meatheads show up to the party for the hot dogs, brats, and (of course) meatballs. Meat lovers will find that salty protein pairs surprisingly well with wine. Full-bodied wines both reds and whites - such as Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon, or Chardonnay “meat” their ideal match here!

Bring Your Own HaloVino + You’ve Brought the Fun!

Regardless of which of these three categories of fan you fall in, one thing is certain -- wine just tastes better in a HaloVino glass. Your guests will appreciate that wine won’t easily spill over at a bustling tailgate party, and a hostess won’t stress that her guests are going to break a wine glass on the patio. A win-win!

We love a good party here at HaloVino so whether you’re hosting or attending don’t forget to #BYOHV!


Jessica Bell with a HaloVino wine tumbler standing in her kitchen.
We love pairing our stackable wine glasses with these wines! These portable wine glasses allow you to enjoy wine wherever you go, namely your beer-drinking friends' houses who give you wine in a plastic cup... hmmmm Cheers! Jess


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