Wine Glass Design: Does Shape Really Matter?

As a wine lover, it can be easy to get caught up in the swirling, smelling, and tasting of wine — and not the wine glass design. The shape of your wine glass is something worth paying attention to, though. For starters, have you ever fallen in love with a wine you tasted at a restaurant or a wine tasting, purchased the exact same wine, and gone home to find it tastes nothing like you thought? You have the wine glass design to thank for that! When it comes to wine glasses, design really does matter. Both the shape and size can affect the taste of your wine. How, you ask?

It all comes down to the wine glass architecture. The two main parts of a wine glass that influence taste are the bowl and the stem. Wine glass bowls come in many different shapes and sizes, which impact how well the wine can breathe, how well you can smell the wine while drinking, and even which taste buds the wine touches first. The stem allows you to hold your cup without cupping it and heating up your wine. All of these elements change the the taste of the wine and your experience.

How does the HaloVino wine glass design stack up?

HaloVino’s plastic stackable wine glasses are truly one-of-a-kind wine glasses that offer a unique, patented design to optimize the taste of wine. The HaloVino wine glass design was created by wine drinker, mompreneur, and former wine school owner and sommelier, Jessica Bell. Jess realized the need for plastic wine cups that not only optimized the taste of wine, but were also portable, convenient, and eco-conscious. In turn, she used her passion for wine drinking and expert knowledge of wine to create the best plastic wine glasses on the market. See how the HaloVino unique patented wine glass design stacks up for yourself:


The bowl of the HaloVino plastic stackable wine glass features a narrow rim and wide body. This traditional wine glass design traps aromas and funnels them to your nose to optimize taste.


While the HaloVino wine glass appears to be stemless, it actually isn’t. The halo acts as the stem — allowing you to hold the wine glass without cupping the bowl and warming up your wine. Not to mention, without a traditional stem, you can more easily stack and store your wine glasses.

One-Of-A-Kind Features

Two-Piece Design

Taking your wine glass wherever you go has never been easier. HaloVino plastic wine glasses introduce a world designed for wine — a world where you can enjoy great tasting wine anywhere without worrying about a wine glass taking up to much space or breaking.

Ounce Lines

Short pour no more! The HaloVino wine glass features ounce lines measuring one to twelve ounces.


Not only does the halo act as a stem and keep your wine from becoming warm from cupping your wine glass, but it also keeps the wine glass afloat in the pool. Drinking wine just got more fun!

The HaloVino wine glass design offers an optimal wine drinking experience anywhere. Throw our stackable plastic wine glasses into your purse or man bag and enjoy a great glass of wine anywhere you desire. Shop the HaloVino no-glass wine glass today.

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