Wines That Beer Dads Love

Father’s Day is just around the corner. Instead of scrambling for that last-minute gift, give your dad something you love — wine.

Wait! What?!? That suggestion might sound super unhelpful, especially if your dad is a “beer dad.” But guess what? Most dad’s covet their grown children’s time and attention. Wine inspires conversation and helps time slow down. A bottle of wine with a note saying that you want to take an hour out of your busy life to just be together is one of the most precious gifts he will receive this Father’s Day.

At HaloVino, we know that even a “beer dad” can enjoy a refreshing glass of wine, especially if it’s similar to the kind of beer he likes best. This Father’s Day, our wine blog has hand-picked wines perfect for that “beer dad” in your life.

And don’t forget about the glasses, especially if your dad isn’t a wine drinker. Drinking wine out of plastic cups or juice glasses just isn’t the same as using a wine tumbler that makes wine taste great! Give him a washable, sturdy, glass-free wine glass that he can take everywhere. Order a set of HaloVino wine glasses today!  

Wines For Dad

Read through our wine blog and upstage your other family members this Father’s Day with your choice of wine.

If your dad likes a lager.

Lagers can be pale, amber, or dark and are known for their lighter body and crisp, refreshing finish. That’s what makes a Txakoli wine from Northern Spain perfect for your beer dad.

Wine Suggestions: A Txakoli from Spain

These light white wines aren't overly fruity or aromatic. In fact, they even have a bit of spritz in them. Give this 2017 Ameztoi Getariako Txakolina a try!

The Txomin Etxaniz 2018 is another of our favorite Txacoli wines. HaloVino founder and CEO Jessica Bell has visited their winery in Getaria, Spain, and loves the quality and taste of their wines.

Pairs well with: Seafood and other fish

These wines come from the Basque region, right on the Atlantic Ocean, where there is an abundance of seafood. If your dad is a fish guy, and loves his sushi or oysters, this wine will be the perfect pairing.  

Pro tip: If you pour the txakoli from above your head, you can create even more bubbles, something any beer dad is sure to love. If you want to learn more about wine culture in Spain, you can watch the entire España Foodie to learn more about Jessica Bell’s wine adventures in Spain.

If your dad loves an IPA.

IPAs often have a strong citrus flavor to them much like the grapefruit-essenced sauvignon blancs of New Zealand or lime-centered sauvignon blancs from Chile. If your dad loves an IPA, we would suggest either of these sauvignon blancs.

Wine Suggestion: A value-driven Chilean Sauvignon Blanc.

This bottle of Veramonte Sauvignon Blanc is under $10, making it both an affordable and delicious gift for your dad.

Pair with: Sea bass or a Caprese salad

Since this wine is light and fresh, it pairs well with other summer favorites, like salad or fish.

If your dad loves a malt beer.

Maybe your dad prefers a malt beer, one of Jessica Bell’s favorites. These beers have some sweeter notes, often with a soft mouth-feel and mellow finish. A Chilean carmenere often follows suit with notes of coffee and latte with a similar velvety texture, making for a great malt beer alternative.

Wine Suggestion: A carmenere from Chile.

Right now, this Errazuriz Carmenere Single Vineyard is one of Jessica Bell’s favorites.

Drink With HaloVino

Give your dad something you know he’ll love this Father’s Day: You! Find the right wine to gift any beer dad in your life.

Just make sure your dad has something to pour his wine in! Our HaloVino wine glasses snap together tightly and are reusable and recyclable. Order a set of six to make sure you have plenty so your beer dad can share! 

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