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A HaloVino wine tumbler, filled with wine, next to a six-pack box of glasses.
Two toasting HaloVino wine tumblers over a table.
Three ladies on a beach with their reusable HaloVino wine tumblers.
A stack of HaloVino wine tumblers next to a full glass of red wine.
A woman in a pool float holding her HaloVino wine tumbler in the pool.
Friends out for drinks with their reusable HaloVino wine tumblers.

HaloVino Shatterproof Dishwasher Safe Wine Tumbler Set (6-Pack)


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The No-Glass Wine Glass™ 

Perfect for concerts, tailgating, pools, picnics, boating, camping & the beach! 

When glass is not an option, but TASTE is...

HaloVino's patented two-piece wine glass design...
Makes Wine Taste Better
Prevents Spills & Splatters
Snaps Together for a Water-Tight Seal

Stacks for Excellent Portability & Convenience

HaloVino's unique geometry & materials make HaloVino plastic wine glass tumblers...
Strong & Sturdy
FULLY Dishwasher Safe
Recyclable (#5)

Safe for Everyone - we use the same material as used in baby bottles!

We're on a mission to create a world where living life to its fullest doesn't come at a damaging cost. More Wine. Less Waste.


We are proud to be Made in USA!

6 12oz Plastic Wine Tumblers