A word from our Inventor & Founder

Hello! I'm Jessica Bell, inventor and founder of HaloVino. I'm also a former sommelier with WSET's Level 4, along with numerous wine accreditations.


Clearly, I love wine, but I don't love it when it comes in a flimsy, plastic cup.

I designed patented HaloVino to mimic the shape of a crystal wine glass, with a narrow rim & wide body, but then repositioned the “stem" around the center to prevent warm hands from cupping the wine.


This resulting “Halo” design helps make wine taste great, but also makes HaloVino sturdy, portable, stackable and packable. And, BONUS, it prevents spills, rests perfectly in cupholders and even FLOATS in pools! Finally, I added ounce lines to ensure the perfect pour every time - A 6 oz pour hits just below the Halo, ensuring plenty of aeration for your wines.


My Offer to Your Winery!

I am in the unique position to be able to send you a full case of HaloVino, custom logo'd with your logo for FREE! I realize this sounds too good to be true, and you're not alone in this thinking, but there is no catch! We've already had dozens of wineries redeem this offer. See our MANY testimonials below from other wineries!


So, the next logical question is how can we afford to extend this generous offer to you? We use a free digital wholesale platform called Faire to process most of our wholesale orders. Think of Faire as an Etsy or Amazon for wholesalers.


For a limited time, Faire is extending a $100 credit AND FREE shipping for a year to any of our new wholesale customers. We then dropped our prices on a logo'd case to be exactly $100 (instead of $120) to ensure our winery friends could order a custom logo'd case with their $100 credit and FREE shipping, without having to spend a cent. Voila! You get a logo'd case to try out HaloVino for FREE!


For those of you are still thinking, "well, then how does Faire make money?" Good question! They take about 15-25% commission of any of OUR sales that FAIRE brings to US - sales we would probably have never gotten in the first place!


So, it's a win-win, or, as I like to say, wine-wine scenario! Are you ready to order? Go here and you can check out. You will need a website, address and credit card to get approved as a wholesaler. Don't let that spook you - see Sherri's review below. Or feel free to reach out with an email or filling out the form below, and I will personally hop on the phone with you to take you through the process!


From a MADE in USA, WOMAN-OWNED small business to you - THANK YOU!


Great Product ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️
Team HaloVino took my order quickly and delivered exactly what we ordered in an efficient time frame. Very happy with the quality and I think our customers will be also!
I love them, we used them over the summer for our tastings and as giveaways to our customers!”
I was skeptical when you offered it at no charge then the link made me put in a credit card number, I do have to say. Decided to take the gamble that is would not lock me into a zillion glasses or dollars… We offer picnics out of our Inn with several of our packages and I thought the cups would be great for those. I am pleased that one of us responded to you from the area!
“They are really cool. I really like the size and the fact that they are dishwasher safe.”
HaloVino, amazing quality, amazing deaI, purchased HaloVino glasses for personal use 2 years ago. I love that they are easy to pack, have no plastic smell or taste, are dishwasher safe and reusable. When I learned there could be logo printed on them, I reached out to Jessica Bell, the creator of HaloVino to buy some for our wine bar. She directed me to order them through Faire, which was an easy, seamless process. I ordered 100 logo printed glasses for $100 and was surprised to find that not only was shipping free but I also received a $100 credit from Faire. I paid nothing. I couldn't believe this and emailed Jessica to see if I made a mistake and to make sure she was paid for the product. She assured me she was paid and that this was true, I did not owe anything. I can't wait to sell our HaloVino glasses and tell people about Faire. 
"Very useful during Covid, as many of our drinks were served outside." 

During these most challenging times we had to figure out how to adapt to the new normal and for the time being, eliminate our glass service of wines. I was told about HaloVino and it seemed to be the best solution and a perfect fit for our new way of doing business.
- Heather Smith, Simon Creek Winery
“We used them for a large event for the owner’s birthday as a giveaway item and everyone just loved them, they are really a great idea!”
I was very pleased as the process was very easy and although I was skeptical that there were hidden fees or extra costs involved (with ordering through Faire), there were none. I am happy to have (HaloVino) products for sale here at the winery and my customers like the Halo Vino product and the price point, sales have been great. (With $100 credit on Faire,) we received (a) free case of the HaloVino glasses. Thanks for the deal and I look forward to working with you in the future. 
- Don Thompson, Captains Walk Winery Manager
“We are thrilled to be able to work with you!”
"They look really cool!"

"They are really great!"