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Sell More. Wine.

HaloVino increased wine sales by 40%!

F&B Management

American Airlines Arena, Miami FL

What do major art centers, NBA stadiums, and popular festivals all have in common? They all use HaloVino® reusable plastic wine tumblers to serve wine to their guests instead of flimsy, wide-rimmed, single-use plastic cups. The HaloVino® wine glass design not only enhances the wine drinking experience, but it has also been proven to bump up wine sales by 40%! Let's discuss your business's stackable wine glass needs.

HaloVino® by the numbers:

 Any ONE of the following lowers HaloVino's cost to that of a simple plastic cup!
Together, all three will increase profits and enhance fan experience.


increase in wine sales (40%+ is not uncommon!)


reduction in overpour using HaloVino patented measurement lines

1 in 4

fans upgrade
to a “tall pour”

Enhanced Experience

increase sales by 20%

at existing accounts.

Ounce Lines

eliminate costly overpours

& ensures 5 servings/bottle.

Taller Glass

increases serving sizes & revenue

with a 9-10 oz "tall" pour.

Stackable Wine Glass Design

reduces shipping
& storage costs.

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