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Sell More. Wine.

This not only increased my wine revenue,
but also my overall profits.

John Smith,

Fiserv Forum Milwaukee, Wisconsin

What do the Brewers, Miami Heat and The Milwaukee Repertory Theater all have in common? They all use HaloVino® to serve wine to their guests instead of conventional plastic wine glasses. HaloVino® not only enhances the wine drinking experience for the consumer but it has been proven to bump up wine sales by at least 20%.

HaloVino® by the numbers:


increase in wine sales (20%+ is not uncommon!)


reduction in overpour using HaloVino patented measurement lines

1 in 4

fans upgrade
to a “tall pour”

 Any one of the following lowers HaloVino's cost to that of a plastic cup!
Together, all three will increase profits and enhance fan experience.

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