What do the major stadiums, theaters, festivals, and wineries have in common? They all use HaloVino® to serve wine to their guests instead of conventional plastic wine glasses. HaloVino® not only enhances the wine drinking experience for the consumer, but it has also been proven to increase wine sales by 20-40% and help control costs!

We also work with select sustainable companies to use our sustainable drinkware and proprietary processes to help their venues go zero waste. Through innovative reuse programs and closed-loop recycling, venues can reduce their landfill output for drinkware to zero. Four billion single-use plastic cups are used annually for live events! We are on a mission to ensure no plastic cup has to hit another landfill.


Plastic Cups make wine taste and feel cheap...

Stadiums, outdoor venues, fairs, and festivals complain of low wine sales, but 100 of the 120 million American wine drinkers drink wine for taste... Give them wine in a plastic cup and they will pass... Switch to HaloVino. Change Perceptions. Sell more wine.

Our innovative reuse and closed-loop recycling programs can help your venue go Zero Waste

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Increase Sales

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Control Costs

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Reduce Waste

Designed for Wine

Unbreakable, stackable & dishwasher safe wine glasses that go wherever you go. Perfect for concerts, tailgating, pools, picnics, boating, camping & the beach!

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Designed for Fun

We want to support your sustainable on-the-go lifestyle, so we created HaloTote! Designed for HaloVino Wine Glasses, fits easily in your bag, purse or backpack, and easy to carry with attached carabiner!

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Designed for Zero Waste

HaloVino’s patented two-piece design transforms any experience into a wine experience. Whether you're on the patio or on-the-go, just grab a HaloVino and Snap & Sip. When you’re finished, don’t forget to wash HaloVino for reuse, then Stack & Store while you plan your next fabulous experience.

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