A small and large HaloTote next to a built HaloVino wine tumblers and a stack of tumblers.
An image showing the large HaloTote, that holds six HaloVino wine tumblers.
The small HaloTote, that says "bring your own HaloVino," that holds two HaloVino wine tumblers.

HaloTote Dishwasher Safe, Water-Resistant Tote for HaloVino Wine Glasses


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We want to support your sustainable on-the-go lifestyle, so we created HaloTote!


  • Designed for HaloVino Wine Glasses
  • Water-resistant & washable
  • Fits easily in your bag, purse or backpack
  • Easy to transport to and from events with no mess or waste
  • Easy to carry with attached carabiner

Small pack size fits 2-3 HaloVinos while our Large size can fit up to 6 HaloVinos.

HaloTote Care Instructions:
For best results, wipe HaloTote with a damp cloth or towelette.  
For deep clean, turn inside out, dishwasher safe, top rack, or machine wash.  Machine dry. 

100% polyester.  Designed in the US, Made in China.