Our Top 3 Green Wines For Your St. Patrick’s Day Celebration

On our HaloVino wine blog, we wanted to share our three favorite green wines. While you’ll find plenty of green beer and food on St. Patrick’s Day, these green wines are not green in color but are instead sustainable and organic wines.

Jessica Bell, founder and inventor of HaloVino, curated these three amazing wines from three regions where she has visited and worked.

Once you’ve found your new favorite sustainable wine, just make sure you use HaloVino’s recycled wine glasses!

Cotes de Provence in France

A group of people studying at Provence Association of Winemakers and Viticulture holding wine bottles for the HaloVino wine blog.

The French wine estate where Cotes de Provence is produced, called the Commanderie de Peyrassol, comes with a rich history. The estate was founded by the Knights of Templar with the first grape harvest in 1256. While this estate has moved through many hands, Cotes de Provence wine has developed a renowned reputation among wine connoisseurs.

Along with the great taste, Provence’s wines are organic. Their entire process respects the surrounding environment by not using synthetic fertilizers or pesticides, opting for a sheep manure fertilizer instead.

Jessica was an official instructor of Provence, studying at the Provence Association of Winemakers and Viticulture. Her favorite wine is their rosé (which is under $20 for a bottle). Pair the rosé, or another Cotes de Provence, with your St. Patrick’s Day BBQ on the patio.

Napa Valley in California

Jessica Bell, founder and inventor of HaloVino, pruning vineyards at Quintessa in Napa.Jessica won a scholarship from Napa Valley Vintners and got the opportunity to spend the day at the Quintessa estate learning about their winery and different wines.

Quintessa winery in Napa Valley is renowned for its amazing wine, but at HaloVino, we also love that the winery is woman-owned and sustainable. Valeria Huneecus, architect of the Quintessa vineyard, takes a sustainable approach to preserve the Napa Valley area, respecting the surrounding landscape and soil.

A bottle of Quintessa is the perfect way to splurge that St. Patrick’s Day. When you show up with Quintessa, you also help support a sustainable winery. All you’re missing is one of our recycled wine glasses from HaloVino!

Casa Lapostolle in Chile

Inventor and founder of HaloVino at a harvest in Chile at Casa Lapostolle.

Located in Chile, Casa Lapostolle is another woman-owned winery that produces high-end 90+ point wines. Founded by Alexandra Marnier-Lapostolle, the great-granddaughter of the creator of Grand Marnier, the vineyard is 100 percent organic and biodynamic, letting the natural process of gravity replace machines and heavy lifting.  

Jessica led wine tours for wine aficionados at the Casa Lapostolle winery, along with other Chilean wineries. The Casa Lapostolle Chardonnay is her favorite, perhaps the perfect wine pairing for your St. Patrick’s Day dinner. Or you can give try one of our wine + food pairings from our wine blog.


To help you celebrate this St. Patrick’s Day, give one of these green wines a try, whether or not you opt for adding the green food coloring to make a truly green wine. Follow our wine blog to learn more about wine and HaloVino’s sustainability initiative.

But before you grab that plastic cup at a St. Patty’s party this weekend, think about choosing a green wine glass.  Try HaloVino’s reusable and recycled wine glasses and make sure to bring a few to share with your friends!

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