The Ghoul-ish & Coolest Wine Pairings for Halloween 2018

The Ghoul-ish & Coolest Wine Pairings for Halloween 2018

If you’re like me, and you’ve found a way to make Halloween Day,Jessica Bell holding two bottles of wine that are great for HaloVino wine tumblers. Hallo-Wine Day, then listen up! I’m about to exponentially improve your looting experience after the kids have gone to bed, by revealing the  Ghoul-ish and Coolest Wine Pairings for Halloween 2018.

I’ll share which wines make cheap, super-sweet candy taste better, and which ones will make your blood crawl, even as its ABV is rising. First, the ones that will haunt your Halloween...

Ghoulish Wine Pairings

Expensive Wines

Do not break open that special wine. High levels of sugar destroy wine flavor quicker than your kid having to pee once they step into their PJ Masks bodysuit. So unless you want your Chateau de FooFoo to taste like Chateau de PooPoo, stick to the recommendations below.

Really Sweet Wines

A cardinal pairing rule is to match sweetness in wine to that of your food. Ignore it. The only wines that can match the sweetness of Halloween candy are ports and ice wines. You will be on hold with the dentist office by the next day. Instead, seek out fruity, off-dry (wine speak for a “little sweet) like the ones below.

Old World Wines (OWW)

You know, the home of Dracula, or aka, wine from Europe. Generally speaking, OWW is higher in acid, lower in fruit and more tannic. Even if you have no idea what that all means, let me break it down for you in French, Spanish and Italian - NO!

Coolest Wine Pairings

Then, what to drink? I’ve broke it down into two Halloween candy camps: Cheap Chocolate (Snickers, Kit Kat, Hershey, M&Ms, etc) and Fruity (Nerds, Taffy, Skittles, Sweettarts, etc.)

Cheap Chocolate

Cheap chocolate calls for a cheap red... but, beware, not tooA HaloVino wine tumbler in the middle of Halloween chocolate. cheap. Cheaper wines tend to be thinner, bitter and less flavorful. And sweet, cheap chocolate makes wine taste even thinner and more bitter, so you do the math… you’ll be left with wet, acrid dust flavor. Mmmmm.

So, what’s the sweet spot (see what I did there!)? Spend $12-15 on a California Red like Pinot Noir or Merlot. These wines are most likely to be smooth, fruity and easy. Here’s the one I stashed for late night pillaging of the kids’ treat bags...

The Velvet Devil Merlot 2015, Charles Smith Wines, Washington State

Fruit Candy

The likes of Nerds and Skittles call for a light white with a littleA HaloVino wine tumbler placed in the middle of a circle of candy corn and Halloween Candy. sweetness. Say what you will about Moscato, Halloween is the perfect occasion for it. Light and low alcohol, you can drink a whole lot of it without turning into a hungover Wicked Witch of the next day. The light sweetness will have you feeling more like Glinda the Good Witch.

My advice for price points is opposite to what I suggested above: Spend as much as you can on Moscato. They RARELY exceed $15-20. Trust me, our late-night Halloween candy dive is worth the extra couple bucks. Here’s one I’m sucking down this Halloween…

Saracco Moscato d' Asti 2017, Italy


Jessica Bell holding a HaloVino wine tumbler in her kitchen.We love pairing our stackable wine glasses with candy and wine! HaloVino unbreakable wine glasses allow you to drink wine on the couch, and then throw them into the dishwasher on the way to bed. Enjoy!

We hope you like our wine pairing and wine basics. To learn more about HaloVino’s mompreneur and sommelier founder, Jessica Bell, go here

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